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About Us

”Our mission is to create a worldwide community where everyone can feel beautiful exactly the way they are.”

Nude Yoga Girl & Boyfriend

Nudamag was founded by @nude_yogagirl & boyfriend to change the perception of nudity and beauty ideals in our society. ”You are beautiful exactly the way you are.”  Nude Yoga Girl has been on this mission since creating her Instagram account in 2015, now with 1,3 million followers.

Her work has been featured in prestigious magazines worldwide from Vogue, Harper’s Bazaar, Yoga Journal, Cosmopolitan to Women’s fitness, Shape, Elle, Marie Claire, Forbes.

”Nowadays our society doesn’t see nudity as natural but more in an objective and offensive way. We should be ashamed and hide our bodies, this is what we have been taught. It’s not the absolute truth, the idea was invented by people in time, place and culture.

Nudamag aims to question and change the perception of nudity and our bodies; That women’s nipples should be censored but men’s not. That nudity is offensive, not something very natural and beautiful. That our body type or how we look makes us more or less worthy. And that someone else can define our body.

In Nudamag you are more than welcome to take part as YOU are. You can celebrate your body, share your insecurities, be vulnerable. You can be as you are and I wish you can see that we all look different and are still amazing.”


Amazing women that have created together with Nude Yoga Girl.


''A heartwarming, creative and uplifting experience that got a special place in my heart. I would totally recommend it to anyone who feels like they want to be part of normalizing nudity. Such a safe and relaxed place where to express nudity just as it is.''


''I strongly recommend this experience to everyone. The team behind Nudamag are super professional lovely people that I’m so happy I got to know. Also their talents and passion concerning what they do is super inspirational to see.''


''It was such a freeing feeling to just slip my robe off and walk barefoot and be at one with nature. Being able to be captured in such a raw state, no make up, no cover ups. The feeling was truly inspiring.''


''Nude Yoga Girl and her boyfriend are two fantastic persons. They never made me feel uncomfortable.''


''The experience overall was absolutely wonderful. Driving home from the photoshoot I found myself thinking “I really was in full bloom today”, the entire day I felt happy and beautiful. You two are so full of light and such a pleasure to be around. It was truly amazing getting to meet you. I am beyond grateful for this experience and will remember it smiling for the rest of my life.''


''I forgot about how I “should” look and just enjoyed the moment. It was also important for me that they minded my opinion and asked my views too. I would recommend this to everyone. Especially for those who wish to see the world and media stop sexualising women for their natural look and bodies. I’m proud of doing it and thankful for those who made it possible (NYG and her boyfriend).''

can i take part in nudamag?