Nude bodies &
real stories


Nudamag is a digital magazine, published monthly. Nude bodies, real stories, body journeys. It's soulful and artistic.

Photos are not censored in the magazine, our bodies are natural.

Founded by Nude Yoga Girl

The natural magazine.
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Winter Jacuzzi and mountain wilderness! Nude Yoga Girl, Anna and 45 other amazing souls come together to celebrate their bodies. Sharing real, raw and vulnerable stories.
180-page digital issue in high resolution. The biggest Nudamag issue to date!


Oh my god, it's absolutely beautiful! I can't wait to read the whole magazine but wow you've done such an incredible job! Thank you again for letting me be part of this beautiful journey.


I downloaded your magazine the second it came out. As a yoga teacher I admire your courage, work ethic, no-nonsense yet gentle attitude, and your creativity. Needless to say I loved NUDAMAG!


Congratulations for your magazine! You have really succeeded with the first issue. Well done!! After reading I had such a serene and peaceful feeling. There are many great photos!


Nudamag is amazing. I missed high resolution images and now we have them. But it's so much more than that! I'm amazed at the sheer amount of work you put into this new project.


This is so much more than I expected! Hats off to you, your work is truly inspirational.


Such an awesome magazine. The pictures are amazing and the written words very interesting. The format is excellent.